compact in space waste sorting

Maki is shorter in appearance just like the small tree it is named after. It ensures highest levels of waste sorting through its thin rectangular shape, special waste lid and color options that can be applied to its body. Its minimalistic design targets smaller areas such as meeting rooms, hallways and offices. Maki was designed by Yasemin Köse and Elif Kadayıf.



1 compartment | 1 litre

Maki 80

4 compartments | 80 litres

Maki 60

3 compartments | 60 litres

Maki 40

2 compartments | 40 litres

Maki 120

6 compartments | 120 litres

Maki 100

5 compartments | 100 litres

    Electrostatic Matte Finish Steel

    • Suitable for indoor use
    • High corrosion resistance thanks to electrostatic finish. Corrosion resistance will be reduced significantly through direct exposure to moisture or water as a result of wear to the finish from effects such as scratches etc.
    • Highly resistant
    • Mechanical and frictional resistance
    • High heat resistance

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    opening direction

    The top lid opens by lifting upwards. The rims use a bag fixing mechanism that helps easily attach the bag to the product. Place the bag easily from the top. Untie the bags using the same mechanism when full.

    bag fixing mechanism

    The rim at the top has a special bag fixing mechanism used to attach the bag to the product. This mechanism keeps the bag in place while preventing it from flapping out from beneath the lid and causing an unpleasant appearance when the lid is closed. Thanks to its user-friendly design, the bag can easily be attached and untied to and from the bag holders. Bag system design allows one compartment to be used in a modular fashion as a 20-lt or 40-lt compartment.

    waste type

    Maki products come with a set of label designs and each label helps the user classify waste in different ways. The labels are custom made for different types of waste such as recyclables, organic waste, and paper. You can organize the product in the desired fashion by using the labels and achieve the outcome that addresses your specific needs. Maki labels may be requested as magnetic labels.

    This product is made entirely of recyclable materials. It is an environmentally friendly product manufactured with minimum waste.

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